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The Guernsey Maritime Museum at Castle Cornet presents our substantial maritime heritage through a range of reconstructed tableaux, models and traditional cased displays.

The collections are rich in items relating to the island’s long and illustrious maritime history and the range of items exhibited ensures that everyone will find something of interest.

Whether it be artefacts salvaged from one of the earliest known European trading vessels or the exquisite red satin cloak worn by Admiral Lord De Saumarez to a royal wedding, the variety is such that fascination is all but guaranteed.
The museum, which also includes a maritime art gallery, is located in the larger of the castle’s two Georgian barrack blocks.

One object in the maritime archaeology area of the museum – a bronze bearing from the bilge pump of a gallo-roman trading vessel which sank in St Peter Port, Guernsey – is among items included in the British Museum / BBC A History of the World Project.


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