Set Sail Trust

Objectives of the Trust

To support underprivileged members of the community who wish to join nautically themed activities.

Learning about and taking part in nautical activities is a hugely rewarding experience.  Participants can learn valuable skills that not only help them in their chosen pursuit but in everyday life.  However, these activities can also be expensive, meaning they are not available to all sectors of society. Through structured funding programmes,  the Set Sail Trust aims to increase participation by those who might normally be excluded for financial reasons.

To support the development within Guernsey of marine activities with respect to schools and clubs.

Land-based sports and activities are well supported in Guernsey and enjoy high levels of participation. We would like to see the same happen for marine-based activities. To achieve this, schools and clubs need support. There are financial constraints to be overcome and logistical issues to be addressed. The Set Sail Trust can help with these and help develop programmes that get young people involved in extremely rewarding pastimes.

To support and raise the awareness of Guernsey’s nautical history.

Guernsey has a rich and varied nautical heritage and yet much of it is not widely appreciated. Much of St Peter Port as we see it today was built on the back of profits from marine trade and privateering, and a large number of the local population used to make their living from the sea.  The Set Sail trust aims to help to raise public appreciation, both locally and further afield, of our rich maritime history.

To put in place a fund to support initiatives to raise awareness of Guernsey’s long and varied nautical history

To make nautical experiences available to disadvantaged members of our community

To support existing and new developments and ideas with a nautical them

To “pump-prime” appropriate projects to ensure they get off the ground, acting as a conduit to bring parties together

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Set Sail Trust
First Floor Suite, Bordage House
Le Bordage, St Peter Port
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Vimeo Set Sail Trust
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